Its Time to Feed Cardiff!

On Saturday 9th October, shoppers in Cardiff City Centre will get more than they bargained for – a free, freshly cooked meal and some food for thought about making farming more sustainable. The event – ‘Feed Cardiff’ – is being organised by the Cardiff Food Alliance, a partnership between the Cardiff Transition Project and Cardiff Friends of the Earth.

Using fresh fruit and vegetables sourced from local farms and food outlets, 500 passers-by will be fed a nutritious meal made from ‘surplus’ food – items that are perfectly good to eat, but that are wasted because they do not have the right appearance to be sold in supermarkets.

Each year in the UK we throw away 8.3 million tonnes of edible food – if that food wasn’t wasted the carbon emissions saved would be the equivalent of taking 1 in 4 cars off the road. By putting the food to good use, ‘Feed Cardiff’ aims to raise awareness of the amount of edible food that is wasted every day, and to encourage people to waste less food themselves.

As well as providing a hot meal, Feed Cardiff will be promoting the Friends of the Earth campaign for a Sustainable Livestock Bill. This is a new law that will reduce the environmental impact of meat and dairy production, and move government subsidies away from intensive, factory farms and on to supporting more sustainable ways of farming.

This is a great event to help out with for anyone that wants to turn moaning about supermarkets and the food system in the UK  into positive action. We need support from people that can cook and are prepared to go “food shopping” contacting food suppliers of all shapes and sizes and getting our hands on some surplus grub to cook.

Email if you can help make this event happen!


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