Food for an Intelligent Wales

On Wednesday 10 March, 18:00 – 20:00, Cardiff University are holding an event called:

Food for an Intelligent Wales

Which is followed by a General Election ‘Question Time’

Dr Michael A. Crawford, a world authority on nutrition and the brain, will explain the evidence, and proposal for solutions, in which Wales could play a valuable role.

Then, in the ‘Question Time’ event, a panel will explore what policies are the major political parties advocating in the forthcoming election to create a sustainable diet for health, the environment, social justice and the economy

Angela Burns AM, Shadow Minister for the Environment and Planning
Jane Davidson AM, Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Housing
Dr Myfanwy Davies, Plaid Cymru’s Westminster Candidate for Llanelli
Kirsty Williams AM, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats

Chair: Dr Roberta Sonnino, Cardiff School of City and Regional Planning

See the Cardiff University website for more details.


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  1. Posted by Louise on March 11, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    My notes on Dr Crawford’s lecture:
    Dr Crawford gave a very interesting and engaging lecture that really drove home the need to be ‘growing the brain’ with fatty acids, particularly while in the womb and breast-feeding, for the sake of everyone’s mental health and longevity. The rise in ‘brain disorders’ in the west has been dramatic in recent years and he seemed to suggest that greater intake of marine life would help reduce this.
    He also said that the fears re toxins are unfounded and in no way outweigh the benefits of regularly eating fish and seafood. During the lecture he mentioned studies with children from fish & seafood-eating mothers who had a greater ability to concentrate, improved behaviour, higher intelligence and more at 7 years old.
    He outlined plans in Japan to support/set up marine agriculture and felt that Wales should take similar advantage of it’s lengthy coastline. He didn’t go into much detail about how this would be done beyond asking marine biologists where marine life breeds and supporting that process with man-made structures. He also felt that government should be encouraging and educating Welsh people to eat the fish and seafood that are caught off our coasts. None of the AMs responded directly to his suggestions.


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